Performing Puzzle

platform for contemporary dance in short pieces

next date: May 13th 2023 @OFF Theater Wien

Performing Puzzle – a platform for contemporary dance in short pieces.


The evening will be filled with 5 short pieces (each around 15 minutes duration) from Vienna based artists.


Performing Puzzle is a platform hosted by „tauschfühlung“ – we celebrate the postponed 10 years anniversary – tauschfühlung is an initiative for creating contemporary dance and electronic music projects.


2 pieces will be own productions by the hosts, 3 pieces will be externally invited – as we celebrate an anniversary of creating, we focus on inviting artists that worked or recently work with us and offer them a platform to show their own short works, ideas and setting impulses for further developement.

18 € / reduced under 27 yrs 15 € / tauschfühlung artists 10 € (pls mention the project and year of collaboration) //

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