We want to invite workshop participants to get creative by taking their own movement practice outside of the living room, out of the four walls. Each place, we offer a workshop from, will be one of our tourstops in which we will spend many days researching on new movement qualities which will be strengthened and developed by the communication with that specific space, its ground, smell, texture and sounds. This research leads us to material, that we want to teach to workshop participants on the last day of our residence in a city/town/village. Each Workshop is oging to present different spaces with their specific qualities and physical impulses they evoke in us. Wherever we are, we take you with us and give you an insight to our movement practice, shared through online workshops.
In our research we are inspired by the resonance of the Earth and the rhythm it gives to the living beings. Living our lives in urban jungles where the song of the Earth is covered by the sounds of crowds, cars and phones, can leave us with the feeling of longing for the rhythm we have lost on the way. How can we, in a big city, create channels that lead us back to nature? What are our grounding spots? GAIA is a choreographic video journal that is developed through touring between different places, where we are looking for inspiring spots, that are usually not used for dance classes or rehearsals – with the workshop-series we offer a training with improvisational character for dancers and movement practitioners of all levels.

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